Pieces from annual themed Exhibitions

A room in the Biot Gallery.

We have worked for many years with Serge Lechazynski in the south of France through his gallery in Biot.  Each year, Serge would set a theme and ask his artists to come up with unique work for the exhibition. This fall, we requested that a number of pieces be returned to us.  You will find some of this work below.  

  • Fruhlings Doppelganger

    The theme for this piece was "Duality."

  • "Neptune's Chalice"

    The theme for this piece was "Mixed Media". The base is a cut and drilled sodalite sphere. The shaft and supporting collar are stainless steel. Blown glass creates the chalice bowl with fused glass cabochons in a surround.

  • "Faceted Tesseract"

    This fused and deeply carved cube form is a response to the theme "Universality."

Front View "Faceted Tesseract"