An independent glass studio since 1985

In the studio - the early years.

We're celebrating 33 years of studio glass-making here on Altapass Highway in Spruce Pine this year!  Come join us in the quiet of winter, or later on in 2018.  

We currently have an excellent selection of work at our studio and would love to have you visit.  Please call ahead to make an appointment.

This winter, Gary is working on a piece for an exhibition in France called "Universality" at Galerie Verrerie.  Mary Lynn is staying busy in her fifth year at her acupuncture clinic called White Tiger Healing Arts found at  In the summer, Gary will be focusing on cutting a number of pieces both blown and fused.    


  • "Twilight Wavelength"

    One of Gary's newest pieces, this sculpture features roll-cuts along the face and lenses cut front and back.

  • Citadel of the Prism II

  • "Five Element Vitrolith"

    One of a short series based on theme for French exhibition.